Homestead Properties, Inc. meets your creative real estate needs. We aren’t real estate agents or brokers; we have multiple ways of dealing with property that can help you reach your desired outcome.

  • We can sell you a house if you have poor credit.
  • We can help you sell even if you just purchased the property recently
  • We can advise you of ways to keep your house if you’re in foreclosure or we can buy it and stop the foreclosure if the payments and maintenance are too much and you want to get rid of it.

There’s no charge to you for any of our services, and we’re always happy to discuss your options with you. Give us a call if

  • you’re behind on payments
  • you’ve got to move for a job
  • you’re making two mortgage payments
  • you’re going through a divorce
  • you tried listing your house, but it just doesn’t sell